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Always love getting items from my wishlists. Here are a couple of them:

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Picture Set #5  

"Panty Fetish"

40 pics in total.

Cost: $5

Picture Set #7

"Dream On"

5 pics + 1 Vid Clip

Cost: $5

Picture Set #6

"Best of the Breasts"

35 pics in total.


Picture Set #4

"Nude in Bed"

25 pics + 1 Vid Clip


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victoria secret wishlist


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Patterned Thong SOLD!

Price: $25 + $6 (priority 2-3 day shipping)

Sexy little tight thong that has a cotton gusset. Will absorb all of my sweet juices.

Check it out in the panties tab!

Oliver: "Jessika is fabulous, so nice, makes you feel so good, and a pleasure to deal with. Her products smell so good, and if you're reading this, you should go and buy her stuff, you won't regret it ;)."

Michael: "I ordered a package deal from Seductress, Panty, socks, and flats. When I opened my mailbox yesterday, and saw the package my heart skipped a beat. When I opened it everything was nicely sealed up. I'm sitting here now with the socks tied around my face to fully enjoy her scent. I am a HAPPY CUSTOMER, I definately put my Trust in Panty Trust and Seductress. A wonderful scent on all three, and the panty crotch has great color and scent, just fighting the urge not to lick them."

D: "As a first timer not knowing what to expect, this could not have been a better experience. Jess was very professional and knowledgable in this particular subject matter. She took the time to answer every question I had in great detail. Jess will not send anything out until it is filled with her juices, even if it means wearing the item for an extra day. Believe me, Jess knows what she is doing, and does it at a very high level. Highly recommended! (She even sends hand written thank you letters along with your goodies : )"

Peter: "This is my first time buying from Jess, but you can rest assured that your money is well spent. She took the time to make sure that her socks are moist with a lovely scent; you can still feel her energy for weeks after receiving the package. I can recommend her to any interested buyer, and will certainly come back for more myself!"

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